French for Beginners: What You Need to Know

French was my first love when it comes to languages. There’s an expression in French: “On revient toujours à son premier amour.” It means you always go back to your first love. I love French. I love all the languages that I have learned, but I have a special affection for French. Growing up in […]

Understanding French Verb Grammar

Here are my clear explanations of French grammar terms used for French verb conjugation such as pronoun, person, mood, tense, voice, agreement, infinitive etc… In order to learn French efficiently, you need to understand the French grammar terms used by books and French teachers. This is particularly true for French verbs, since understanding the logic […]

Ultimate guide to help you speak French

First question: are you prepared to pay for your learning solution? If you want to learn how to speak French for free, then you’ll need to come back later for another post. Here, I want to assume that you are prepared to invest a little in your learning. Don’t forget that your time is your […]

15 Ways To Say “How Are You?” In French

Comment allez-vous ? (How are you?) This is by far and away one of the most recognised expressions in French. It’s always among the first few phrases that anyone learning French will learn. It literally means “how are you going?” This expression is perhaps the safest and politest way to ask someone how they are, as […]

10 Ways to Agree and Disagree in French

SHOWING AGREEMENT 1. JE SUIS D’ACCORD This is an excellent phrase which is widely used in France and la Francophonie (French-speaking communities). It simply means “I agree,” and can be easily adapted to further emphasize your support for someone’s opinion. For example: Je suis totalement d’accord avec toi / vous I totally agree with you. Je suis […]

How Are You Feeling? How To Express Your Emotions In French?

Asking and Telling How You Feel in French There are a few ways to ask someone how they’re feeling, but it’s important to keep in mind whether you’re speaking to someone formally or informally. The most common phrases are as follows. “How are you?” in French Comment ça va ? How are you? (informal) Comment […]